$30 Mastering


Here at Nada Recording Studio we master 98% of the clients that walk through our door. When artists record or mix at our studio mastering is included in our daily standard rate. But now we are now offering our mastering services to the public at an unheard of $30 a song! Our mastering will take your home or professionally recorded demo or album to a whole new level of bigness, shine and commercial loudness. If you're not happy with the masters we provide we will be able to do one recall to make the necessary adjustments free of charge! Here are the 3 easy steps to take for mastering with us:

Step 1  - Upload your unmastered tracks individually to Dropbox.com or Wetransfer.com then email us the links in 1 email to NADAMASTERING@GMAIL.COM. Please include any extra info you can provide like transitions or any other specifics you want done to your songs. Please don't forget to include song name, album name (if applicable) and artist name in your email.

Step 2  - Send us your payment via PayPal to NADAMASTERING@GMAIL.COM or send a check/money order to:
Nada Recording Studio
14 High St.
New Windsor, NY 12553

Step 3  - Wait for us to send your masters back via Dropbox.com or Wetransfer.com! It's that easy! You WILL have your mastered tracks back in 7 days or less!!

* If you want us to send back a Red Book CD-R please add $10.00 to the overall total

* Songs can be no longer than 5 minutes to qualify for the $30 a song mastering deal.

* Sorry..No refunds on our mastering services!!

We also can accept physical formats like DVD, CD-R and Masterlink CD-R's. If you prefer this method over sending files over the internet you can send them to the address above. To insure the fastest service we recommend Sendspace over mailing us your songs.