A Balance Between - Negative Space - Broken English Records

A Day At The Fair - Rocking Chair Years - Drive-Thru Records
A Day At The Fair - The Prelude - Self Released
A Skylit Drive - Rise - Tragic Hero Records
All Rights Reserved - Remind Me To Burn These Pages - No Milk Records
Anadivine - Self Titled - The Militia Group
Anadivine - Zoo - The Militia Group
American Authors - Oh, What A Life - Island Records
Armor For Sleep - Dream To Make Believe - Equal Vision Records
Full album pre-production
Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead - Equal Vision Records
Pre-production for "Car Underwater" and "Remember To Feel Real"
Armor For Sleep - Various Comps
Asteria - Slip Into Something More Comfortable - Broken English Records/WEA
The Ataris - Welcome The Night - Columbia Records
Full album pre-production

The Audition - Controversy Loves Company - Victory Records
The Audition - Champion - Victory Records
The Audition - Chapter II - Self Released
Autopilot Off - Make A Sound - Island Records
Autopilot Off - Regenerator - Island Records
Bad Case Of Big Mouth - Straight Up Bad Luck - Eulogy Recordings
Bad Case Of Big Mouth - Baseball - Self Released
The Banner - Posthumous - Blackout Records
Bayside - Cult - Hopeless Records
CD and Vinyl Mastering
Bayside - Long Stories Short - Self Released
BEDlight For blueEYES - The Dawn - Trustkill Records
 Beefcake - 7" - Fearless Records
Beneath The Remains - Quest of the Lost Souls - Self Released
Blue Streak Blvd. - Wasted Time - Self Released
Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - Triple Crown Records
Bright and Early - Louder Than Words - Self Released
The Bronze Episode - Son Coeur Son Corps - Eyeball Records
Brunswick - My Name Is Disaster - Red/Blue Records
Buffalo Killers - Heavy Reverie - Sun Pedal Recordings
The Casting Out - Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks! - Eyeball Records
Danny Spitz from Anthrax
Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses - Ferret Records
The Dear Hunter - The Migrations Annex - Triple Crown Records
Denver In Dallas - After Diego - Self Released
Departures - Without Fear - Self Released
Departures - Give In or Resist - Self Released
Echo Screen - An American Tale - Rushmore Records
Entropy - All Work, No Plagiarism - Say 10 Records
Entropy - So It Goes - Self Released
Every Avenue - AH! - Fearless Records
Fear Nuttin' Band - Move Positive - BoomBlaze Records
Federal Bison - Midnight Sky - Self Released
Federal Bison - The Taste - Self Released
Feeling Left Out - Two To The Chest - LLR Records
Feeling Left Out - Mr. Everything I'm Not - LLR Records
Fight Fair -  Settle The Score - Triple Crown Records
Final Thought - What We Need - Self Released
The Finals - Plan Your Getaway - Immortal Records
Fireworks - We Are Everywhere - Triple Crown Records / Run For Cover Records
Fireworks - Bonfires - Triple Crown Records
For The Plane - Which Season - Self Released
The Forecast - Self Titled - Eyeball Records
The Forecast - In The Shadow of Two Gunman - Victory Records
The Forecast - Everybody Left - Clifton Motel Records
Fort Street - Homesick and Stable - Broken English Records
Freshman 15 - Throw Up Your Hands for One Night Stands - Standby Records
Freshman 15 - 5 Ways To Get To Third Base - Standby Records
Gone Baby Gone - Hangs Ups and Phobias - Red/Blue Records
The Gulls - Cabana - Self Released
The Gulls - Drugs. Dogs. Guns. - Self Released
Hand Me Down Buick - The Greater The Risk - Self Released
He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit - Tragic Hero Records
History On Repeat - So Long, Future Boy - Broken English Records
Honor Bright - If This Was A Movie - Triple Crown Records
Hot Rod Circuit - Split CD with "This Year's Model" - Triple Crown Records
Hot Rod Circuit - Sin City - I Love Metal Compilation - Triple Crown Records
Humble Beginnings - Overanalyzing the Manifestations of the Unconscious - Eyeball Records
I Am The Pilot - Crashing Into Consciousness - Broken English Records/WEA
I Am The Pilot - Presents: The Mission - Self Released
Inner Dam - Through Darkness, Broken Hearts and Open Veins - Catalyst Records
Jacobi Wichita - Lambsie.Divey - Eyeball Records
Jacobi Wichita - Bones Malone - Eyeball Records
Jaguar Shark - This City Will Eat Me Alive - Broken English Records
Jaguar Shark - Split 7" with The Scandals - Self Released
Jerk Magnet - Seven Minutes In Heaven - Ides of March Records
Joe Dingwall - Self Titled - Self Released
Joshua - Baggage EP - Engineer Records
Joshua - Singing To Your Subconsciousness - Immigrant Sun Records
Just Surrender - We're In Like Sin - Broken English Records/WEA
Just Surrender - If These Streets Could Talk - Broken English Records/WEA
Kid Disaster - Self Titled - Self Released
Kill The Drive - Lady Karma - Broken English Records
Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded - Self Released
Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried - Self Released
Lacerda - Epic Pop - Self Released
Lanemeyer - If There's A Will, There's Still Nothing - Too Hep Records
Lounge - Punk Rock Superheros - Triple Crown Records
Madina Lake - World War III - Sony / Razor and Tie Records
Making April - Runaway World - Radtone Music Japan / Self Released USA
Marathon - Self Titled - Red Leader Records CD / Secret Audio Club Vinyl
Matchbook Romance - West For Wishing - Epitaph Records
Matchbook Romance - Stories and Alibis - Epitaph Records
Extra Production Credits
Matchbook Romance - Split CD with Motion City Soundtrack - Epitaph Records
Merit - Arson Is For Lovers - Self Released
Midtown - Susanne - Rock Music: A Tribute To Weezer - Dead Droid Records
Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge - Drive-Thru/MCA Records
Full Album Preproduction
Midtown - Get It Together - 2001 Warped Tour Compilation - Side One Dummy
Mike Rowe - Voice Over Sessions for the TV Show "Ghost Hunters"
Miracle of '86 (Kevin Devine) - Kevin Kolankowski - Immigrant Sun Records
Modern Suits - In Transition - Sleep Retreat Records
The Morning Of - The World As We Know It - Tragic Hero Records
Extra Production Credits
The Morning Of - Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity - Tragic Hero Records
Moros Eros - I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright - Victory Records
Moving Brooklyn - Intervals - Self Released
Moving Mountains - New Light - Triple Crown Records
My Chemical Romance - May Death Never Stop You - Reprise Records
My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love - Eyeball / Reprise Records
My Chemical Romance - Life On The Murder Scene - Reprise Records
My Chemical Romance - Things That Make You Go MMmm! - Chrome Dreams
My Jerusalem - Sweet Chariot - One Little Indian
NCM - Escape From Myopia - Self Released
Nightmares For A Week - Don't Die - Broken English Records
Nightmares For A Week - A Flood Tomorrow - Broken English Records
Nightmares For A Week - Civilian War - Broken English Records
The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Here At The End Of All Things - Eyeball Records
Orange County Choppers
Oregon Falls - Never Say Die - Self Released
Out Of Sight - Something Created By Belief - Scylla Records
Outline - A Boy Can Dream - Triple Crown Records
Pages - Staring. Live. High. - Self Released
Pencey Prep (Featuring Frank Iero of MCR) - Heartbreak In Stereo - Eyeball Records
Pendleton - The Difference - Angry Penguin Records
The Phoenix Rising - Lullaby - Action Heights Records
Polar Bear Club - Sometime Things Just Disappear - Red Leader Records
Polar Bear Club - The Redder, The Better - Red Leader Records
Polar War - Gun - Self Released
Random Task (Featuring Ben Jorgensen of Armor For Sleep) - The Dividing Line - Eyeball Records
Real Friends - Put Yourself Back Together - Synergy Artist Management
Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here - Self Released
Real Friends - This Is Honesty - Self Released
The Red Owls - Do You Feel Any Better? - Label TBA
Recorded and Mastering
Return To Arms - It's Time You Heard - Self Released
Remember Paris - But A Boy Can Dream - Self Released
Robbers - Fear To Face Beauty - Self Released
Robbers - Delicious Dark Myths - Self Released
Rory Breaker - Progression Unchecked - Self Released
Same As Sunday - Earn Your Stripes - Self Released
Scatter The Ashes - Devout: The Modern Hymn - Epitaph Records
Search The City - Ghosts - Tooth and Nail Records
Senses Fail - From The Depths of Dreams - Drive-Thru Records
Shady View Terrace - Split CD with The Lawrence Arms - Castaway Records
Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond The Sun - Metal Blade Records
Shai Hulud - That Within Blood Ill Tempered - Revelation Records
Album Preproduction, Extra Credits, + My Wife Reads a Poem.
The Sheds - I'll Be Fine - Mediaskare Records
Signal The Escape - Leaving for Aedan - Self Released
             Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Sparks Will Fly - The Soundtrack - Self Released
Stay - Games With Girls - Self Released
Stay - American Cherry Bomb - Self Released
Steel Train - 1969 - Drive-Thru Records
Steel Train - For You My Dear - Drive-Thru Records
Steel Train - Twilight Tales from the Prairies on the Sun - Drive-Thru Records
Extra Credits
Survay Says! - Observations of the Human Condition - Self Released
TEMPLETON PEK - Signs - Century Media
These Green Eyes - House Of Glass - Martyr Records
Too Tall Grizzly - Bitter Banter - Self Released
Too Tall Grizzly - Stream of Unconsciousness - Broken English Records

Too Tall Grizzly - Art Anemia - Self Released
Valley of the Sun - The Sayings of the Seers - Self Released
Valley of the Sun - Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk - Self Released
Verse The End - Heavy Hearts and Counterparts - Self Released
The Victory - Honesty - Self Released
We Are The In Crowd - Sic Transit Gloria - Hopeless Records
Wild Adriatic - Lock and Key - Self Released
Wild Adriatic - The Lion EP - Self Released
Xombie - Swaggaholix - Self Released
Xombie - Self Titled - Self Released
Young Rising Sons - The High EP - Interscope Records
Zombie Apocalypse - This Is A Spark Of Life - Indecision Records